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The La Jolla Story

La Jolla Fine Jewelry was established in 1970. We are a team of highly trained jewelry design professionals who specialize in artistry and craftsmanship. We are also a family-owned business that treats customers with respect and integrity. Our pledge is to satisfy the hearts of our customers, and also to educate them in their exquisite purchase. At La Jolla, we give our customers the best of both worlds, embracing new innovations and holding on to time-tested ways as well. Our designers take pride in the ability to use both the traditional hand cutting method and the cutting-edge laser cutting technique.

Whether you want to refurbish a valued heirloom piece, or create something completely new, with master craftsmanship, we will turn your vision into a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry that you will love to wear. All of our jewelry is crafted right on our premises, assuring quality control and careful attention to detail. It is our mission to help you turn your vision into a reality. We invite you to come in and experience La Jolla Fine Jewelry.

La Jolla Fine Jewelry

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